Compromise elsewhere. Not with your motorcycle.

Are you looking for a service center for your BMW motorcycle? Look no further. Bavarian Cycle Works is your destination for expert independent BMW motorcycle repair and service in the San Francisco bay area. Our specialty is modern fuel injected BMW motorcycles, but with decades of BMW experience under our belts we are well equipped to work on that carbureted BMW airhead you have in your garage as well. With an appointment, nearly all scheduled maintenance for your bike can be completed with a one day turnaround time. All bikes at the shop for service are kept indoors, day and night.

Service intervals for your motorcycle are determined by two factors: mileage accumulated from the previous service and time elapsed since the previous service. Sometimes, the two coincide. In general (and to keep things relatively simple,) we will use BMW’s system as an example. Your Triumph, Guzzi, Suzuki (et al.) may or may not be similar. The service intervals are 6,000 miles (10,000 kilometers,) with minor services (commonly referred to as a Level 1 or 6k service,) alternating with more major services called Inspections (which also have different classifications-12k, 24k, and 36K.) So at 6,ooo miles, your bike is due for a Level 1 service, but at 12,000 miles, it is due for a Level 2 Inspection. At 18k, it’s another 6k/Level 1, but at 24k it’s due for a 24k Inspection (which depending on the model of the bike, may include renewal of the fuel filter, spark plugs and alternator belt.) The requirements for different models do vary (e.g. certain K-bikes will have a different set of intervals which include an 18k, not like the normal 6k services), but if consulting your owner’s manual doesn’t clear things up, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to explain them in detail.

The other determining factor in the service required to keep you and your bike healthy and happy is the amount of time elapsed since the last service. The reason for this is that the fluids in your machine are hydroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from the atmosphere. All of the fluids, save the fork and shock oils, are vented to the outside atmosphere. Simply put, if the humidity in the air today is 50%, that means that half of what you and your bike are exposed to is water. This water ends up in the engine oil, gear oils, clutch and brake fluids of your machine, and is very damaging (and nearly always invisible except in extreme cases.) All of these fluids require annual renewal, regardless of mileage accumulated. This is called an Annual Inspection. Oftentimes these are combined with Level 1 Services or Level 2 Inspections (hence, at 18,000 miles and a year elapsed since the 12k Inspection, your bike is due for a Level 1 w/ Annuals.) In most cases at BCW, (but not at your local BMW dealership or non specialized shop,) a Level 2 Inspection will include all of the service items specified on an Annual Inspection. There are exceptions, and these can be confusing, so feel free to contact us with questions. Remember however, without exception (and regardless of what BMW states,) your brake fluid and gear oils must be changed yearly. Not doing so can have very expensive and inconvenient (to say the least) consequences.

BCW sells and installs only parts of the utmost quality, many times sourced directly from the same companies that BMW buys from like Bosch, Mahle and Brembo. We stock Michelin, Pirelli, Metzeler and Continental tires at very competitive prices. Our tire changing equipment is the best in The City, with 2 Bosch tire changers and a CEMB motorized high speed dynamic balancer. Everything we sell is something that we would use on our own motorcycles. We have decades of experience repairing and servicing your clutch, gearbox and final drive, and keep most commonly needed parts in stock.

So give us a call at 415-829-8235, or drop us an email. Better yet, stop by the shop located at 501 Alabama Street in Potrero Hill. We are committed to keep your bike running reliably and smoothly for many years to come. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each model and will advise you on avoiding the common causes of breakdowns. Our mission is to keep your wheels rolling, not parked here in the shop (or worse yet-on the side of the road.)

BCW is offering custom tailored performance packages for your BMW. We would love to speak with you so we can find out what you like about your bike and what could be improved upon. Of course each BMW and each rider is different-different riding style, different expectations, etc. Through a combination specially suited to you, BCW can turn your bike into your dream bike (the same way we have transformed our own BMW’s.) Just the addition of a BoosterPlug and Iridium spark plugs may be the only upgrade some of you need, others may opt for suspension upgrades, Remus exhaust, etc. We also offer powdercoating and painting services should you desire…

We open up at 8:30 AM to allow you time to get to work, home or wherever it is you need to be. In the event you beat one of us here in the morning (it does happen,) BCW also has an “early bird” drop box; just remember to put the envelope (after filling out the info section,) with your keys in it through the mail slot.

Normal operating hours are Monday through Friday 8:30-5:30. If you require earlier or later pick up or drop off, please let us know so we can arrange something more convenient for you. Also, in the event of an emergency, contact Mark @ CC Rider Tow @ 415-334-8697. He can arrange to have your bike  left inside BCW outside of our normal hours without incurring an additional tow charge.

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