BMW K 1200 S cam chain jump guard install

While the K4x bikes are very good machines, there is a real problem with the cam chain “jumping time” on the lower sprocket. All of the K1200/K1300′s are affected. Based on our experiences, none of these engines should pass the 24k mark without having the “jump guard” update performed.
The K 1200 s / K4x prior to installing cam chain jump guard. Note the gaps between teeth and sprocket, as well as between the chain rail and where it’s supposed to sit. The chain still doesn’t engage the lower sprocket fully, but BMW’s “band-aid” will prevent serious, possibly catastrophic engine damage. BTW, this is not a warranty procedure. BMW is calling it an additional maintenance item (meaning the owner is responsible for the cost.)

K4x w/ cam chain jump guard installed.

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