Bavarian Cycle Works is very pleased to announce that we are the home of the BoosterPlug in California.

What’s a BoosterPlug you ask? The BoosterPlug is a brilliant and affordable way to transform your BMW Motorcycle from “OK” to “Absolutely Marvelous”.

No need to spend a small fortune on complicated multi-adjustable electronic devices plus endless Dyno hours to make your bike run like it should have from the factory.

Now, we can’t name names, but let’s just state that some orders have come from folks with the e-mail address “@bmwna,” with comments like “this is the only way to make these bikes (he was speaking of a K12S) run right!

The BoosterPlug’s installation time varies by model, depending on the intake air temperature sensor location and the optimum location for the new NTC for the model in question. When done here @ BCW, we include a before and after test ride and throttle body synchronization where applicable. It plugs directly into your motorcycle’s wiring harness using original connectors — no cuttting or splicing.

A true plug-and-play solution that will make your motorcycle so much better.

- Improved and smoother throttle response
- Faster acceleration
- Remove the jerky low RPM running
- Stronger and more reliable idle
- Reduced deceleration popping in your aftermarket exhaust on engine braking

The BoosterPlug features a unique technology to provide your bike with a controlled fuel enrichment in all ambient temperature situations — no other plug-and-play device will do this.

With the BoosterPlug you will only get the richer mixture when you need it — in low RPMs and while accelerating. When you’re at a steady speed on the open roads the BoosterPlug will sit idle to keep your fuel consumption low. Another benefit for those of you riding cruise control fitted models is dramatically improved cruise control operation; the “hunting” common while maintaining a steady speed is virtually eliminated.

Bavarian Cycle Works Special:

BoosterPlug parts price: $169.97.

Installation price varies per model (generally between .5 and 1.75 hrs.), call for quote.

Available for the following BMW motorcycle models:

R 1200 GS
R 1200 R
R 1200 RT
R 1200 S
R 1200 ST
R 1200 C

HP2 Enduro
HP2 Megamoto
HP2 Sport

R 850 R
R 850 RT

R 1100 GS
R 1100 R
R 1100 RT
R 1100 S
R 1100 RS

R 1150 GS
R 1150 R
R 1150 R Rockster
R 1150 RS
R 1150 RT

K 1200 R
K 1200 S
K 1200 GT
K 1200 LT
K 1200 RS

K 1300 R
K 1300 S
K 1300 GT

G 650 GS
F 650 GS
F 650 Dakar
F 650 CS

F 650 GS Twin
F 800 GS

F 800 S
F 800 ST
F 800 R

G 650 Xcountry
G 650 Xchallenge
G Xmoto

Also available for Triumph 1050 Speed Triples (fuel injected models only)

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